The importance of being registered

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All agents operating in Australia must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (the office of the MARA). In March 1998 the Australian Government delegated the registration responsibility to the then Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). It is illegal to provide immigration advice and assistance without this registration.

If you have decided to migrate to Australia, you need professional help and guidance; in the same way, you would consult an accountant in financial matters or an architect to design your dream house.

It makes sense to consult a professional about such an important investment for your future and the future of your loved ones. Using a Registered Migration Agent relieves you of much of the stress and is more effective when you deal with a competent, experienced and trustworthy migration consultant: you maximize your chance of a successful outcome.

We can make a preliminary assessment of your chances of success before you spend great amounts of money on an application that may not pass the immigration process.

We facilitate the process by ensuring the correct visa is applied for in the first place – potential migrants can waste valuable resources (cash and time) in making the wrong decisions.

Find out if you qualify. At least you have the choice! If you choose us, you will have a fair chance to obtain an Australian visa.

If you do not qualify right now, do not lose hope. We offer services to people who do not currently qualify for any visa but could qualify in the future if some requirements are met. We will tell you the required steps to become eligible for a visa after considering your personal circumstances.

The Department of Home Affairs (formerly known as Department of Immigration and Border Protection)

HA frequently makes changes to the legislation. Not knowing the system can cause confusion and mistakes, which are completely avoidable if you use a professional with knowledge, skills, integrity and cultural sensitivity.

The Code of Conduct

Migration agents are subject to the Code of Conduct, administered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority:


Consumer Guide

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