Partner Visa (Prospective spouse)

‘Silvia’s knowledge and expertise are priceless.  This lady knows exactly what she is talking about…’

When I met who is now my wife on the internet, it never occurred to me that the process to bring her to Australia would be so complicated and at times, frustrating. We wanted to live together but I, as an Australian citizen, could not manage to arrange for a visitor’s visa for her so I had to go and meet her in other countries but not in Australia.

Following a friend’s recommendation I went to see Silvia. After a couple of months of constant and tough work, Silvia put a wonderful application together and we couriered it to the relevant Embassy.

Silvia navigated through the idiosyncrasies of the case officers with ease and calm while she explained to me what was happening at every turn. In about four months, my partner’s visa was approved and travelled to Australia soon after. After living together for a few months, we got married and this was our first Christmas together under the same roof.

Silvia’s knowledge and expertise are priceless. This lady knows exactly what she is talking about.  She explained dry and complex legal concepts in a friendly and easy manner, allowing us to ask questions in order to understand what was required and to be able to work as a team. She was the captain of our team and we won the game.

She was clear, specific, methodical and organised from the beginning and assisted us constantly until the application was ready to be sent. Silvia is the only immigration consultant that we can honestly refer our friends to without any hesitation.