Partner Visa (De facto)

‘Nish arrived in Australia on his partner visa on New Year’s Day  

I met the most amazing man in Sri Lanka and after a couple of years realised I had to do everything I could to get a visa for him to come back to Australia to live with me.  I contacted three immigration consultants, a couple of those from international firms. They all said the same thing to me: ‘Your age difference is too great, it won’t work’.  I saw Silvia’s ad and called her.

When I met this feisty woman, she looked me in the eye and said if I loved him it’s worth a fight and we can win that fight.  So my de facto partner Nish and I began the process with advice through every stage from Silvia.  We were in Sri Lanka so all the application work was done long distance. Over a few months of battling and dredging up records, sifting photos, getting a flock of our friends to write in support and countless other things, all our documents and evidence were sent to Silvia.

A huge parcel weighing seven and a half kilos was picked up by FedEx and couriered to Silvia, to enable her to prepare our application which she then couriered to the High Commission.

When Nish was interviewed by the case officer in the High Commission in Colombo she told Nish she was impressed to see such an excellent application.  Silvia’s efforts and guidance on the application worked and Nish arrived in Australia on his partner visa on New Year’s Day.

Many thanks again Silvia!