Partner Visa (De facto)

‘Armand’s visa was granted within one month’

When we went to see Silvia, we did not know that we -a same sex couple- had any chance to apply for a visa within the Australian immigration legislation. In fact we wanted to have some advice about skilled migration for Armand. That would allow us to be together in the same country, in the same house.

Silvia asked us many questions about our relationship and then she explained the legislation and the process thoroughly; its different stages and what constituted supporting evidence for our individual circumstances.

A little fearful, we lodged our application and  Armand’s visa was granted within one month. We cannot thank Silvia enough for her expertise, her professionalism and the excellence of her service. Her impeccable work was worth every cent! She delivered exactly what she said we could get.

It will be a pleasure to recommend our friends and acquaintances to her, any time.