Partner Visa (De facto)

‘Without her guidance and expertise undoubtedly the whole process would have been a mine field’

Having met over the internet and after many trips between the UK and Australia. Erroll, Jonathan and Jonathan’s partner Derek became the best of friends. Following the death of Derek after many years suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Erroll and Jonathan found that they had fallen in love with each other and decided that they wanted to be together. Jonathan  sold his the property in the UK and came to Australia.

A year after Derek’s death we decided to put our relationship on a permanent setting by applying for a de facto partner visa in Australia.

To help us through this difficult and arduous process we engaged the services of Silvia Levame who turned this application into a much easier task, taking most of the problems away and making the actual process quite an enjoyable one.

She guided us through the whole application process using her expertise and experience and with her knowledge of the process she kept in contact with Department of Immigration until the temporary visa was granted.

Without her guidance and expertise undoubtedly the whole process would have been a mine field.