Permanent residence granted!

We were referred to Silvia by two friends of ours, who were also going through the ‘De Facto’ visa process with Silvia. They recommend her due to her diverse knowledge, efficiency and professionalism.

We had heard of stories from other people saying they were still waiting for results with different immigration consultants and the whole process was painful and lengthy.

With Silvia, it was nothing of the sort. She knew exactly what was needed and made sure that we provided everything that would help our case. She assured us that she would not lodge any application until she was comfortable that it was a solid and worthy case, and we thank her WHOLEHEARTEDLY for all her work and patience with us.

Thank You Silvia so much for EVERYTHING! We will certainly be sending other potential clients in your direction.

Georg Matejka and Katt Aquino

Visitor’s visa granted while waiting for a prospective spouse visa!!!

I met my partner Jose, in Cuba in July 2014 during a year off from work. I instantly knew he was the one and I was lucky to be able to go back to see him two more times before I had to come back to Australia. During that last visit we decided to get married and that I would come back to Australia and we would start an application for a Prospective Spouse visa.

I had absolutely no idea where to start and found the thought of the process very overwhelming. I have a friend in Melbourne who had recently been granted residency and so asked her who her immigration agent was. Her agent them passed on Silvia’s details to me. This was February 2015.

On my first meeting with Silvia I decided pretty much straight away that we would go with her. We had an instant rapport and I could feel she genuinely wanted to help us. She explained some challenges we may face, and that the process may be a lengthy one but that we would work through it together and get through it together.

Silvia was correct in saying we would have some challenges; to say the whole process is frustrating and emotional at times is an understatement. It took us nearly 4 months just to collect all of the paperwork and evidence needed to submit an application. This was mainly due to the timelines for accessing documents in Cuba. Silvia held our hands the whole way and showed real empathy and compassion whenever we hit a wall. And then helped us to step over that wall and move forward.

We are still waiting on our Prospective Spouse visa, but the good news is that Jose has been given a tourist visa for one year and so we can at least FINALLY be together. He arrives next week 🙂

I would say to anyone starting any visa process to understand that it can be a lengthy process and to listen to Silvia so she can manage your expectations. But the end result is always worth it!

Thank you Silvia so much for your guidance and support over the past year! Even though our journey together continues, we are assured of the same guidance and support no matter the length of time.


Mellisa Slender and Jose Angel Escobar

Australian permanent residence granted in record time!

When your email arrived, I was sitting by the lake, thinking of what life had in store for me. I usually do not take my phone with me when I exercise… but that day I did.

I had to read your email many times, as my tears did not allow me to focus properly on the telephone screen. All of a sudden, I realised that I was an AUSTRALIAN PERMANENT RESIDENT!!!.

Thanks to your commitment, your energy and your professionalism I was granted my Australian permanent residence. Your skills and experience are priceless.

You plan and work in every case methodically and logically; you stay with your client from beginning to end. You answer every question/email and you always have time for another query or doubt. I can vouch for this!

I am telling what and how it happened and what I feel from the bottom of my heart. In my case, you delivered a positive result in record time. Thank you so much for your knowledge, your dedication and the excellence of your work.

I am truly grateful for everything. No doubt I will be sending clients your way.

Again, thank you!

Greta Isabel Balmaceda

Professional, diligent and compassionate

Silvia is professional, diligent and compassionate. She has changed many lives with her relentless support and advocacy.

Expert advice and personal support

Silvia Levame provided expert advice and personal support in my partner’s ultimately successful bid for permanent residency. He is now an Australian citizen thanks largely to Silvia!

Efficient and reliable professional

I have used Promigration Consultants’s services on multiple occasions. Silvia has assisted me with issues relating to nationality/citizenship status, various visas, wills, powers of attorney and conveyancing. I have been extremely impressed in my dealings with her. I have found Silvia to be a most efficient and reliable professional. Her work is always meticulous, she leaves nothing to chance. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing immigration or legal services.

Partner Visa (Prospective spouse)

‘Silvia’s knowledge and expertise are priceless.  This lady knows exactly what she is talking about…’

When I met who is now my wife on the internet, it never occurred to me that the process to bring her to Australia would be so complicated and at times, frustrating. We wanted to live together but I, as an Australian citizen, could not manage to arrange for a visitor’s visa for her so I had to go and meet her in other countries but not in Australia.

Following a friend’s recommendation I went to see Silvia. After a couple of months of constant and tough work, Silvia put a wonderful application together and we couriered it to the relevant Embassy.

Silvia navigated through the idiosyncrasies of the case officers with ease and calm while she explained to me what was happening at every turn. In about four months, my partner’s visa was approved and travelled to Australia soon after. After living together for a few months, we got married and this was our first Christmas together under the same roof.

Silvia’s knowledge and expertise are priceless. This lady knows exactly what she is talking about.  She explained dry and complex legal concepts in a friendly and easy manner, allowing us to ask questions in order to understand what was required and to be able to work as a team. She was the captain of our team and we won the game.

She was clear, specific, methodical and organised from the beginning and assisted us constantly until the application was ready to be sent. Silvia is the only immigration consultant that we can honestly refer our friends to without any hesitation.

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘Armand’s visa was granted within one month’

When we went to see Silvia, we did not know that we -a same sex couple- had any chance to apply for a visa within the Australian immigration legislation. In fact we wanted to have some advice about skilled migration for Armand. That would allow us to be together in the same country, in the same house.

Silvia asked us many questions about our relationship and then she explained the legislation and the process thoroughly; its different stages and what constituted supporting evidence for our individual circumstances.

A little fearful, we lodged our application and  Armand’s visa was granted within one month. We cannot thank Silvia enough for her expertise, her professionalism and the excellence of her service. Her impeccable work was worth every cent! She delivered exactly what she said we could get.

It will be a pleasure to recommend our friends and acquaintances to her, any time.

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘A big thank you to you for the wonderful work you put into our case’

Silvia Levame is an excellent professional who provides great work and achieves superior results for her clients. She has great expertise in immigration law, is extremely reliable and dependable: she is a consultant you can trust, and a person who cares about her clients. We highly recommend her to anyone who needs an immigration professional.

Silvia: you took such great care of us throughout the whole process. It was so reassuring to have you.  Somebody with your confidence, deep knowledge of the multiple and difficult steps to be undertaken and great ability to handle big and small problems which may discourage and frustrate anyone.

We cannot explain in words how happy we have been since my visa was approved but all I have in simple language is to say a “Big Thank You” to you for the wonderful work you put into our case.

Distinguished Talent

‘Thank you for making my dream come true’

My visa was granted with amazing speed thanks to your skills and expertise. Thank you for making my dream come true.