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Temporary visas

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Temporary visas allow a person to stay in Australia for a certain period of time after which, they will have to leave or if possible, change to another visa or apply for permanent residence.

Temporary business

For business people who wish to visit Australia to establish a new business or purchase an existing business and to conduct business research, or to attend a conference or negotiate a possible job contract. These are some types of temporary visas:


For people who are currently, or intending to study in Australia, and have been accepted to enroll in a registered course provided by a registered education provider.

Australian Graduates

Students who have successfully completed their studies in Australia –minimum a 2 year diploma- may apply for temporary residence as an Australian Graduate. Please note that conditions apply.

Sponsored workers including working holiday visas

For qualified and experienced people who are sponsored by an Australian employer to work in Australia, or sent by overseas employers to work in Australia and/or for young people from selected countries who wish to holiday and work in Australia. Please contact us to ascertain whether your country is included in this scheme.


For retired people who wish to live in Australia on a temporary basis.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is general and does not include all types and subclasses of visas currently available within the Australian immigration legislation. In order to determine what the best visa is for you, your personal circumstances should be assessed. This page is not a substitute for professional advice.