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Permanent visas

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They allow a person to stay in Australia indefinitely, become an Australian citizen if they so desire when the requirements are met and as such, exercise all the rights and obligations of an Australian born. It is not compulsory to become an Australian citizen.

Some of the visas that will give their holder the possibility of applying for a permanent visa are:

  • Partner visas (spouses, de facto)
  • Family migration, including parents, children, aged dependent relatives and remaining relatives
  • Skilled migration
  • Employer sponsored – temporary and permanent residence
  • Business migration
  • Refugees and humanitarian

Partner/family migration

For people who have a spouse/partner/fiancée or child, parent or a close relative who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The Australian resident or citizen must sponsor the non-Australian person.

Please note that the prospective sponsors will need to prove that they are of ‘good’ character (that means that they do not have a criminal record in Australia or elsewhere) prior to lodging the application for a partner visa.

Same sex migration

Same sex couples who are in a genuine and continuing relationship can apply under either under the ‘de facto’ or ‘spouse’ categories, depending on whether they are married or living in a de facto relationship. One of the partners must be an Australian permanent resident or citizen and must sponsor the overseas partner.

Same sex couples who are validly married overseas, are, since 9 December 2017,  recognised as ‘married’ in Australia.  They can apply as married partners of an Australian citizen.

In addition, since 9 December 2017, Australia became the 26th country in the world to allow SAME SEX MARRIAGES to be performed within the territory of Australia.


General skilled migration

For people who have fluency in English, have occupational qualifications needed in the local market and work experience that will benefit Australia.

Business skills migration

For business owners/executives/investors who have a successful business or investment history.

Regional sponsored migration scheme

This means a worker being sponsored by an Australian company/State for work in regional areas of Australia. The skills and work experience required are usually less than that of the employer nomination scheme detailed above or skilled migration to main cities.

Protection, Refugee and Humanitarian migration

Protection visas are granted to individuals who meet a strict set of requirements and obligations

Good character and health

Not everyone is eligible to migrate to Australia. In general terms, the Australian government seeks migrants who are of ‘good’ character (that means that they do not have a criminal record) and pass a medical test including a full blood test and chest X-rays. Please note that certain visas allow the sponsor to apply for a waiver of the medical criteria. Contact us for more information.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this information is general and does not include all types and sub-classes of visas currently available within the Australian immigration legislation. In order to determine what the best visa is for you, your personal circumstances should be assessed. This page is not a substitute for individual professional advice.