25 years

Our difference

PROactive + PROclients + PROresults = PROmigration

PROmigration is an Australian Immigration Law consultancy with a difference: not only we do not place time limits to our initial consultation but we stay with you from beginning to end, until we get a decision. We are always there for you, particularly during the uneasy times while the application is being processed. We take great pride in our friendly relationship with our clients, during the preparation of  the application, the lodgement, the assessment period and after a decision is made. We even provide post arrival and settlement services!

Our consultants are always available to speak with you. Once we establish a relationship client-advisor, you are welcome to communicate with us by telephone, email or in an internet conference.

We offer face to face and Skype conferences with prospective clients from all over the world.

These are our pre-arrival professional services:


We will act and represent you with the Department of Immigration or any consular post around the world

  1. We will save you time and energy by:
    • ensuring that all forms are completed correctly
    • putting together a complete application with evidence in support of your claims/circumstances
    • drafting and including a proper submission that allows the decision maker to make a faster and accurate assessment of your application
  2. We will guide you and accompany you to any immigration interview if required
  3. We will act and represent you at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  4. We will ask a barrister to act and represent you at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal or any other Court of Australia, if required.

PROmigration Australia is an Australian immigration consultancy that represents, advises and acts for applicants from all over the world that wish to migrate to Australia, either temporarily or permanently. In 2008, PROmigration Consultants was incorporated by Silvia P Levame & Associates and subsequently, changed its incorporated name to PROmigration Australia.

We are based in Sydney in the State of New South Wales. We are registered migration agents with the Australian Migration Agents Registration Authority and members of the Migration Institute of Australia. Because we have experienced the process of immigration ourselves, we are perfectly in tune with the needs and expectations of prospective applicants. We understand their anxiety, their fears.

Furthermore, we are used to dealing with clients from many ethnic groups and therefore our consultants possess a great deal of multicultural and multilingual sensitivity.

This particular skill is a great tool to enhance communication between consultant and client.

We do not offer ‘interactive’ forms that will give a generic reply to many potential applicants. We offer personalized, dedicated professional service tailor-made to suit your personal, unique circumstances.

We offer professional advice and assistance at every step of the way. We will assess and explain your options and which visa is best for your requirements and personal circumstances at any given time.

Our consultants will always act in your best interests to maximize your chances of success. Our areas of expertise include:

  • All Partner visas
  • All Parents visas (contributory and non-contributory)
  • Children, Remaining Relatives and other family visas
  • Visitors, Student and Working Holiday visas
  • Skilled Migration
  • Employer nomination
  • Refugee and humanitarian visas
  • Reviews and appeals
  • Ministerial intervention
  • Health and character waivers

The Department of Immigration makes frequent changes to the requirements of individual visas and the legislation.

Not knowing the system may cause confusion. If you want us to represent you, you will avoid potential problems because we have specific knowledge of the law, professional integrity and impeccable reputation. In addition, we have cultural sensitivity; we do understand your needs and expectations.


In addition to the above mentioned services, we can arrange for:

Translation service

Documents that are not in English, must be translated by an accredited translator in order to be acceptable to the Department of Immigration or any consular post. The translators with whom we work are registered by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters of Australia (NAATI). We can arrange for translation services in most community languages.

Interpreting service

If you are in Australia and have to go to a hearing or interview, we will hire the services of a professional interpreter to attend with you and to assist you in your own language. The interpreters we work with are registered by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters of Australia (NAATI). We can arrange for interpreting services in most of the community languages.

IELTS test

If you have to sit for an IELTS test, we will give you the address of the relevant office closer to you, either in Australia or overseas.

Medical tests

If you have to undergo medical tests in the country where you live we will advise who are the panel doctors registered with that particular consular post, so you can choose a professional close to you. If you are already in Australia and the Department is asking you to do your medicals, we will inform you of the procedure to get your medicals done without delay.

Professional and technical assessment

If you intend to apply under the Skilled Migration category, we may send your documents to the relevant professional or technical body and do the follow up until we obtain a pre-migration decision in your application. Please note that each professional or technical agency charges fees for the assessment.

Certification of photocopies

Our office will certify, if required, copies of all the originals submitted by you. These certified photocopies will be attached to your application as a true copy of the original. Unless specifically required by the Department of Home Affairs, we always submit certified photocopies of the required documents and return all originals to our clients for safekeeping.

Legalization of international documents

We will send your Australian documents to be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to have full validity in other countries. There is a fee applicable per document.

Door to door courier (local, interstate or international)

We can courier your documents (door to door) to where you are or to the relevant government department or consular post as required. We only use reputable national and international couriers. Once the document is collected from our office, we will give you the consignment note number so you can track it online. Conditions apply.