Foreign Law: international agents/lawyers and other professionals

Foreign Law: International agents/lawyers and other professionals

We have built a trustworthy network of agents/associates in various Spanish speaking countries. Please contact us for more information about our multi-disciplinary network in any particular country located in South, Central, North America and Spain.


Services for clients residing/staying in Australia

  • We draft powers of attorney and all types of legal documents, in Spanish, for Spanish speaking countries according to local (overseas) law.
  • We are engaged as expert witness for private and governmental offices.
  • We prepare briefs regarding specific aspects of Civil, Commercial and Administrative law, particularly but not limited to local (overseas) Succession Law. In general, we take on matters that are within these fields.


Matters in Spanish speaking countries

  • We take instructions to take over or start, continue and finalise legal matters in Spanish speaking countries (wills, probates, divorces, custody of children, donations of property; registration of overseas marriages, divorces, registration of change of status; valuation of residential and business properties; management, sale and purchase of real estate, etc)
  • We draft any type of legal document in Spanish, according to local (overseas) law, to be used in Spanish speaking countries. That includes powers of attorney (general and/or specific); travelling with minors’ permit; pre-nuptial agreements; sale and purchase of real estate, donations of assets, etc.
  • We can also act for you in extra-judicial matters.

Please contact us either by email or phone

+ 61(0)2 9565 1516 or +61(0)412 618936

We are here to assist you to successfully navigate the complexities of the Roman-French legal system.

Four decades of professional experience, assisting the Spanish speaking community in Australia.