About Silvia Levame

A lifetime of achievements

Registered as a Migration Agent since 1997, Silvia has advised and represented many clients from different countries all over the world as well as within Australia.



Permanent residence granted!

We were referred to Silvia by two friends of ours, who were also going through the ‘De Facto’ visa process with Silvia. They recommend her due to her diverse knowledge, efficiency and professionalism. We had heard of stories from other Permanent residence granted!

Georg Matejka and Katt Aquino
North Sydney, NSW

Remaining Relative

‘Thanks to you our family is now complete’  Thank you so much for working so hard to get the visa for our brother. Thanks to you our family is now complete and we are all in the same country.

Maurice Ferrigny

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘Without her guidance and expertise undoubtedly the whole process would have been a mine field’ Having met over the internet and after many trips between the UK and Australia. Erroll, Jonathan and Jonathan’s partner Derek became the best of friends. Following Partner Visa (De facto)

Jonathan Allwood & Erroll Higson

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘Nish arrived in Australia on his partner visa on New Year’s Day   I met the most amazing man in Sri Lanka and after a couple of years realised I had to do everything I could to get a visa Partner Visa (De facto)

Ian Fairweather and Nishanta Weerasinghe

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘We remain forever in her debt. She is an amazing soul…’ My partner and I wish to highly recommend Silvia Levame for her wonderful work on our behalf. Due to her efforts our application for permanent residency was processed successfully Partner Visa (De facto)

John Haddock & Deepak Verma

Partner Visa (Prospective spouse)

‘Silvia’s knowledge and expertise are priceless.  This lady knows exactly what she is talking about…’ When I met who is now my wife on the internet, it never occurred to me that the process to bring her to Australia would be Partner Visa (Prospective spouse)

Daniel Mark Peregrin & Tanya Nikolaievna

Expert advice and personal support

Silvia Levame provided expert advice and personal support in my partner’s ultimately successful bid for permanent residency. He is now an Australian citizen thanks largely to Silvia!

Michael Murray

Distinguished Talent

‘Thank you for making my dream come true’ My visa was granted with amazing speed thanks to your skills and expertise. Thank you for making my dream come true.

Ronald Giron-Gray

Employee nomination

‘You made me feel special, like I was your only client
I still cannot believe that my visa was granted in record time. Thank you so much for your eye for detail and your dedication. You made me feel Employee nomination

Robert Helmut-Druen

Parent Visa

‘Thank you Silvia for a priceless Christmas gift!’ My mother’s visa was granted a few days prior to Christmas 2012. She will travel to Australia really soon so last Christmas was the last that we have spent away from each other. Parent Visa

Sara Zurbaran

Protection Visa

‘Now I can call Australia home and forget my fears!’
Following a friend’s advice, I contacted Silvia a few weeks after I arrived in Australia. My situation was critical and could not return to my country of origin due Protection Visa

Omar bin Saleh

Efficient and reliable professional

I have used Promigration Consultants’s services on multiple occasions. Silvia has assisted me with issues relating to nationality/citizenship status, various visas, wills, powers of attorney and conveyancing. I have been extremely impressed in my dealings with her. I have found Efficient and reliable professional

Marcia Yeyita Fernandez

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘Armand’s visa was granted within one month’ When we went to see Silvia, we did not know that we -a same sex couple- had any chance to apply for a visa within the Australian immigration legislation. In fact we wanted Partner Visa (De facto)

Bernard Rawson-Smithe & Armand Delcasse

Visitor’s visa granted while waiting for a prospective spouse visa!!!

I met my partner Jose, in Cuba in July 2014 during a year off from work. I instantly knew he was the one and I was lucky to be able to go back to see him two more times before Visitor’s visa granted while waiting for a prospective spouse visa!!!

Mellisa Slender and Jose Angel Escobar
Sydney, NSW

Australian permanent residence granted in record time!

When your email arrived, I was sitting by the lake, thinking of what life had in store for me. I usually do not take my phone with me when I exercise… but that day I did. I had to read Australian permanent residence granted in record time!

Greta Isabel Balmaceda
Canberra ACT

Partner Visa (De Facto)

‘Now we have the chance of a happy life together in Australia’ We would highly recommend Silvia Levame to same-sex couples seeking residency for one member of the couple. Silvia’s great knowledge and experience in this area significantly expedited the Partner Visa (De Facto)

Michael and Vick

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘She gives endless advice to ensure none of her cases fail’ My partner was granted a de facto visa last year and thanks to Silvia’s expertise, the decision for our case came back only after a few days. Silvia is Partner Visa (De facto)

Iuri Barreto de Faria and Lucie Cox

Partner Visa (De facto)

‘A big thank you to you for the wonderful work you put into our case’ Silvia Levame is an excellent professional who provides great work and achieves superior results for her clients. She has great expertise in immigration law, is extremely reliable and Partner Visa (De facto)

Marissa Magallano & Joesan Ongcal

Professional, diligent and compassionate

Silvia is professional, diligent and compassionate. She has changed many lives with her relentless support and advocacy.

Gail May

Partner Visa (Prospective spouse)

‘You made the process and the experience so easy and hassle free’ A short note to say ‘thank you’ for helping me sponsoring my fiancee to Australia. You made the process and the experience so easy and hassle free and Partner Visa (Prospective spouse)

Manuel Gimenez and Mahra Umalay